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Our Mission

Learning. Exploring. Creating.

Driven by the philosophy that our understanding of the past shapes the future, we embrace Joseph M. Juran's quality-by-design approach to continuously enhance pharmaceutical formulations. Our specialization lies in leveraging biopredictive tools which create a vital feedback loop in the development pipeline of life-changing medicines.

#NanoDelivery is at the core of our innovations, utilizing nanoscale structures to precisely deliver drugs to target sites within the human body. We tackle the challenge of designing these tiny particles by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the key attributes that drive in vivo performance. From COVID vaccines to long-acting injectables and liposomes, we synthesize novel therapeutics using scalable and GMP-compliant microfluidic technologies.


With a focus on #MoreThanDissolution, we recognize that the performance of drug products depends on various critical parameters. Our team pioneers the development of novel biopredictive performance assays, with our dispersion releaser (DR) technology already making waves in the industry. Collaborating with leading manufacturers in the field, we continue to push the boundaries of science.

By integrating #DataScience into the pharmaceutical sciences, we unravel the complexities of drug delivery. Tailoring algorithms to the unique characteristics and data density of drug delivery systems, we gain invaluable insights. Whether it's nanomedicines with limited patient data or other intricate scenarios, our smart model design approach empowers us to understand the mechanisms that drive successful drug delivery.


Bridging the gap between existing data and our drug delivery pipeline, we excel in establishing validated in vitro-in vivo correlations (IVIVCs) through our expertise in #IVIVC/IVIVR. By identifying relevant physiological processes affecting in vivo absorption, we provide the ultimate proof of the predictive power of our in vitro assays. This allows us to estimate the behavior of new formulations in a virtual patient population.

Join us in shaping the future of drug delivery and improving patient outcomes. Together, we unlock the potential of innovative formulations and pave the way for transformative advancements in healthcare.

TheWackerLab @ NUS
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TheWackerLab @ NUS

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