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Julian KNOLL

Graduate Student

Stroke presents a significant global health challenge, demanding innovative therapeutic solutions. Current interventions, such as surgical revascularization and alteplase administration, come with limitations and associated risks. The stagnant progress in stroke treatment development over the past decades can be attributed, in part, to the formidable obstacle of the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

My research is centered on unraveling the mechanisms underlying the brain transport of nanocarrier systems, with the aim of enhancing drug delivery in stroke therapy. We focus on elucidating the biopharmaceutical mechanisms that govern the interaction between nanocarriers, drugs, and blood cells. Our particular emphasis lies in understanding the dynamics of binding, release, and pharmacokinetic effects. By acquiring this knowledge, we aspire to refine the delivery of nanocarrier-based drugs, ultimately improving the prospects of drug delivery to the brain, both in a general sense and, more specifically, for stroke therapy.

Julian KNOLL
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